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Measures during the current situation

Our top priority is the safety, protection and well-being of our guests and staff. In order for you to enjoy your well-deserved holiday as usual, we have made extensive arrangements for you to feel safe during your holiday.

Complete hygiene & safety service in the skido hotels


Current measures
Everything at a glance


  • In consultation with health experts, we have developed new safety and hygiene concepts for our hotels and are training our staff regarding the current measures.
  • Cleaning and disinfection activities have been intensified throughout the hotel. Disinfectants are freely available to guests at the entrances. Attention is drawn to the generally applicable rules of conduct throughout the hotel.
  • Measuring the temperature of our staff.
  • We use thermal scanners to measure the temperature of our staff at the start of each working day to check that their temperature is below 37.5.
  • Before each arrival, the rooms undergo an environmentally friendly fogging disinfection using the ERSA medical device, as this is the only way to eliminate 99.85 % of all bacteria and viruses. This treatment is natural and ecological. Professional and special cleaning agents that have an antibacterial and antiviral effect are used to clean all the rooms.
  • Safety plus: SKIDO hotel staff have undergone PCR tests twice a week since the start of the season.
  • A personal bathing bag has been prepared with the towels for each guest room, so our guests can enjoy their stay in the SPA.
  • In the restaurant area, attention is paid to the intended minimum distance between the tables – The intended minimum distance of 1.0 m is observed in all restaurant areas.
  • Our staff wear a face protector to cover their mouths and noses.
  • Due to current regulations, mouth and nose protection is also obligatory for our guests again.